Who do you think you are…?

I know some people get all excited when they discover their Lagacé lineage.

They immediately connect to Emeril Lagasse.

I don’t mind that at all.

When the excitement is over, then they start digging deeper and then they find there is so much more to learn about their roots.

I did not know who Emeril Lagasse was before I started searching for my ancestor André Mignier.

So let’s say I discovered Emeril Lagasse after I discovered everything about the Lagacés and the Lagasses and the LeGasse and the LeGacy and… so on and so on…

Emeril is my 8th cousin meaning our common ancestors were brothers 8 generation back.



Who do you think you are…?

In a way, just someone extraordinary like celebrities are.

Like Idala Lagasse who is a celebrity to his descendants, and yourself when you will become your descendants’ ancestor.

That what I think you are…