This is what makes genealogy so addictive

Looking at old pictures.

I had another dopamine rush caused by Anne’s e-mails…

You can read this article if you want to fully understand this one.

I wrote it in May 2010.

Alyce had this picture. She wanted to throw it away with all the others she had. They belonged to her father and she knew nothing about who these people were.

It’s with Alyce’s other pictures that I manage to figure out who were some people on this picture taken in 1921.

Her father David, her grandfather Idala of course, Olivine Idala’s second wife sitting on the chair, Anthony the eldest of the boys, Rose the eldest of the daughters and three other boys I believe are Samuel, Rudy and George.

I am not sure about these three but it would make sense when you look at their birthdates.

We recognize Eugene Moreau and his two daughters Beatrice and Alice.

No clues about the dog’s name. I will have to dig some more…

What is so rewarding is that this picture which means little to most people, now means a lot to Anne, my new found reader who has found part of her family.

She has now access to Alyce’s pictures and also to Claudette’s pictures who is Alyce’s cousin. Claudette is Samuel’s little girl.

Want to know more? Click here.

So this is what makes genealogy so addictive.

If I may give you a strong piece of advice, keep those precious pictures in a safe place like a safe.

One another safe piece of advice is to scan these pictures.

You never know when someone will send you an e-mail.


5 thoughts on “This is what makes genealogy so addictive

  1. How blessed am I to have discovered Pierre Lagacé! In my search for “family history” … I discovered that I had a great genealogist right in my own family. Pierre…. You have uncovered my Canadian heritage … One I didn’t even know I had!

    The genealogy and history is great and über interesting – relatives long dead. Best of all I found a very much alive and brilliant third cousin…Pierre !

    Pierre, Know you are appreciated for all of your research and writings on the Lagacé/LaGassé family. It is a treasure for future generations.

    • Believe or not Alyce I am humble as Idala was…

      I have never met him, but thanks to you I know who he was, and how fond you are of your grandfather you have never met.

      This is why I am writing Alyce… I am now a grandfather of four adorable grandchildren since 2011 but I am still a little kid looking for his lost family somewhere in time.

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