New Bedford, February 2, 1947

This article was supposed to be published on May 31th 2010. I thought that the story was over…

Read the article because there is more to it later on.

This is the closing chapter of Idala LaGasse’s story…

Sometimes you find something precious…

Alyce has something that is very precious.

Her grandfather wrote to his son David, Alyce’s father.

That was 63 years ago. Idala was 77 years-old and David was 31.

The letter is in French.

Alyce is learning French as well as the rudiments of genealogy.

She hit the jackpot twice since her third cousin is a retired teacher and now a freelance translator as well as an amateur genealogist seriously addicted to genealogy.

Alyce translated her grandfather’s letter. Pierre gave her an A- and helped her a little bit.

This is now the finish product.

You will learn a lot about Idala by reading it…

New Bedford, Mass

February 2, 1947

David LaGasse

Dear son

We have received your nice letter of 28 January. We are happy to know that  your health is very good and that everything is running smoothly.

May God be blessed because happiness is a blessing  that comes from heaven and deserves great appreciation.

You told me in your last letter that you prefer a private letter [instead of a postcard]. What a coincidence because I also prefer that but when  I receive a postcard, I use the same method to answer back.  It is not that I don’t have any paper because I have a lot.

I am happy to know of your good disposition and the suggestions  that  you  make at the moment. You have all we need right now. The pension we receive right now is 82 dollars each month which is enough for us. Despite the raise in the cost of living, we are very well and our health is good for our age. We thank God for this.

I am pleased to know the good thoughts that you have for your mother who, in turn, loves each one of you equally as if you were her own children.

This was my most profound desire when I got married: a good spouse,  a good mother, a good husband and good children make for a good household and peace everywhere.

We must then thank God for all these blessings.

Rose is not working anymore. She is resting for awhile. Eugene is still working and he behaves well.

Samuel still has his new business and he is well

Bob and Florence are both working. They are well.


Your father

2 thoughts on “New Bedford, February 2, 1947

  1. Amazing photographs! I am partial I suppose as I also have 5 sons! Thank you for sharing these! I had the names of Frobe’s parents but nothing further, so that is wonderful as well!

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