Case closed

Bill Sauve has finally found his roots.

The info he gave me in another e-mail is correct except for a few details.

He can now start his quest for other ancestors one of which is Salomé Sauvé who is Joseph Sauvé’s wife, or start finding his ancestors on his mother’s side.

Bill is just starting…

He does not know what lies ahead.

Case closed? I would not bet on this.

Just ask Ron Depatie.


One thought on “Case closed

  1. If you ask me, once you start if you’re really into it, you never give up, just like these old bones who are still sitting in front of the computer at every chance since 2003. Waiting for some little piece of what ever to pop up that you’ve never seen before which might start you off on another hunt, or call it a test when it happens for your memory to see if you can remember all the stuff you already have in the filing cabinet, so the cycle starts all over again and we add and add and add……..


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