Another Sauvé found his roots

Ron will be glad to read this…

Thank you,

I thought I was nuts…
I am Wilfred George, son of Wilfred Fabien, grandson of George Augustus, and great grandson of Joseph Fabien,  and of course great great grandson of who else?

Joseph SAUVE…

I came across your website looking for George Augustus info. 

I’ve been lost in a sea of Josephs and Maries on  for about four weeks.  I’m still not sure I have it straight yet, but I think so. 

I missed a Joseph and had to re-do my family.  I’m back as far as I can go now in  France c1535…

Ron will be happy to know that this Fabien guy is the one who married Sophranie André’s sister…

Fabien Sauvé married three times.

I know all about George Wilfred’s ancestors and I invited him to my Ancestry family tree.

I am not sure if he has it right though yet with all these Josephs and Maries.

One thought on “Another Sauvé found his roots

  1. Well all that can be said from one of Fabien’s great great nephew’s …. welcome aboard and congratulations in finding your roots Wilfred George …………….
    Ron Roture dit Belisle Depatie .

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