Of course you are…

Brian wrote this comment…

I have the surname LeGacy and I’m curious to learn whether or not my family is linked to Andre Mignier “La Gåchette”.

My father’s family owned land in Princeton, Maine and likely migrated through New Brunswick.
The family has since settled in Massachusetts a bit later than 1900. I’ve done limited research, but “LeGacy” is not a common name in France, though is quite common in Quebec & New Brunswick.

Is it possible that another variation of the name is connected to Andre??

Not André, but dressed like that back then…

3 thoughts on “Of course you are…

  1. Well we all just have to remember that back in the 1700s the British did not know how to spell French names very well, and how when they took over the rule of the country from the French and for French folks who could not write their names for themselves, the British did do a good job of changing the spelling of many of those good old French names as we are seeing them turn up today.

  2. Thanks to Pierre and everyone else who did research on Ancestry.com …
    What a great tool. It has been very fun learning so much about my family!

    I told my dad all about it and he said “We’re Canadian??” Haha.
    I’ve found it very true about the spellings…
    Louis was spelled as Lewis in a number of Censuses & Marie Anne was changed to Good Ol’ Mary Ann.

    I’m a bit of an amateur film maker, so I may have to do a road trip documentary tracing the LeGacy line through Princeton, Maine back to Riviére-Ouelle, Québec.

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