Anybody here seen my old friend… Abraham

Abraham Martin that is.

He was known as Abraham Martin dit l’Écossais.

He owned the plains of Abraham. Do you know someone who is related to him?

Well guess what?

I met one of his descendant in Ste-Anne cemetery.

Ron Depatie is a descendant of  Madeleine Martin, one of Abraham’s daughters. Madeleine married Nicolas Forget-Despatis.

Ron made the trip to Ste-Anne just to meet Paul Dauphin… and also to buy some strawberries.

He could not resist visiting the cemetery after we had supper.

You see, Ron knows his great-great-grandfather Jacques Bélisle was buried here in 1892, but there is no headstone to be found. Both Ron and I figured the plot was given to someone else since no one was left to pay for its maintenance.

So he looked for clues and I tagged along.


I told Ron that even though we could not find the grave, Jacques Bélisle was here allright and watching over our shoulders…

Click here to learn more about Abraham’s descendants…

One thought on “Anybody here seen my old friend… Abraham

  1. Well here we are back home in Midhurst Ontario after a wonderful vist with our friends Pierre & Nicole at there home in Ste Anne. Thanks to them we , Beverly and I had the chance to meet Paul, Lawanda and Albert Dauphin who were making there way back as well to vist and reconnect with relatives and we shared a good time together along with whom I will call the Lady of Ste Anne “Lise Therrien ” who knows everyone and everything , thanks to Lise we all learned something new and thanks to Lawanda for filling us all with strawberries. Thank you Pierre & Nicole for your hospitallity and everyone for the great memories ………
    Ron & Beverly

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