Remember this picture Ron…?

All in the Family

Now look at this one…

Déjà vu…?

Then try this little montage…

Remember Ron that this house was for sale when you came to visit Ste-Anne…?

The man who restored this house bought it and is restoring it.

Are you still planning a visit this July?

Meet Paul’s Great-great-grandparents

I don’t know if Paul Dauphin had this picture of his maternal ancestors.

This picture was one of almost a thousand pictures scanned from the city hall’s archives. It belongs to Ginette Leclair who is related to the Leclair family.

This particular picture is part of Rosario Gauthier’s collection, one of best renown genealogists in Quebec. Rosario died in 2008 and was interred in Ste-Anne’s cemetery,

Rosario Gauthier would visit people in his hometown of Sainte-Anne-des-Plaines and would give them pictures of their ancestors. This is how we are now able to share this picture of Paul’s great-great-grandparents.

We owe Rosario a lot. He had more than 200 pictures in his collection and many people here in Sainte-Anne still have them.

I had seen the Lacasse-Charbonneau picture, but it was not that interesting… until two days ago when Paul Dauphin from North Carolina wrote a comment on this blog.

This is a beautiful story which is only beginning as Paul will discover when he visits us in July. Just like Ron Depatie and Doris Chaumont, he will be amazed at what he will see and find out about his roots.

Stay tuned for more…

Next time, I will show you two pictures Paul sent me and wants to share with you.