A Walk in Ste-Anne’s Cemetery…

Back in 2009, I went for a walk in Ste-Anne’s cemetery.

I took my camera along.


I don’t believe Jacques Bélisle’s grave is still there.

Once it stops raining, I will go for another walk…

8 thoughts on “A Walk in Ste-Anne’s Cemetery…

  1. Someone once told to me a few years ago to my surprise that the standard burial rule for cemeteries in Quebec for one’s resting place was only a temparay lease of the grave site which expiered after ninety-nine years is up thus making the space availble then to be used by others. This is a question I think should be asked perhaps of some one belonging to the church in St Anne’s to see if this is correct or not and also where one could find or look at a plot map for the cemetery which tells where each person put there is.

    Ron Depatie Belisle .

  2. Someone wrote me this… this morning.

    Avec la construction de l’église en 1902, une partie du cimetière a dû disparaître…..et si la famille n’a pas continué à payer pour le terrain si Jacques a été enterré à Ste-Anne et bien on a vendu le terrain à d’autres personnes. Souvent les gens n’avaient pas de monument aussi. Là où est enterré Joseph Chaumont, c’est maintenant le monument d’un Racine. Plus de traces de Joseph décédé en 1915 et Philomène. Il faudrait regarder qui reste de sa lignée dans le cimetière et il est probablement là sans être indiqué. Un terrain au cimetière ça se transmettait par testament.

    With the construction of the church in 1902, part of the cemetery disappeared. If the family did not continue to pay for the lot, if Jacques was buried at Ste-Anne maybe the lot was sold to someone else. People often had no monument also. Where Joseph Chaumont is buried, there’s a monument where a member of the Racine family is buried.

    No more traces of Joseph who died in 1915 and of his wife Philomène. Ron should look at the rest of Jacques’ lineage in the cemetery but Jacques’ grave is probably not indicated.

    Lots in cemeteries are transmitted by will.

  3. I must take a minute and thank everyone who is offering their help in my quest in this matter. Never in my life have I received so much from a town and its great people. I “THANK” you all everyone from my heart. My thoughts this morning was also that gggrandpa Jacques may be with the Therriens and maybe also at St. Jerome with his father and other Belisle family.

    I think that I will have to put two weeks supplies of grocery in the camper when I go to figure out this puzzle.


  4. It would be nice to find the spot even if it was under the new church construction. I am sure he would not mind as he and his family spent their lives building new construction and we would be happy to know he is helping to hold it up.


  5. These are wonderful photographs I believe these were taken where my greatgrandparents and rest of my family is buried in St.Anne Illinois and right now I am doing research on ancestry.com and was wondering if you have any more photographs maybe with the name St. Pierre

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