Hi Ron… I’m back

I have decided to ease up a little on the French version of this blog about genealogy. I have written close to 950 articles since January 2008.

That’s a lot!

Last week I learned why I wrote so many.

It’s all about dopamine.

Click here to view a video telling the effect of texting and its probable cause.

The title is Are We Digital Dummies?

The rush you get when you go looking for your ancestors is probably related to dopamine just like when you’re texting your friends on your Blackberry. You just can’t stop.

Call it addiction…

Anyway, my friend Ron sent me this burial act dated 1892!

He wants to come to Sainte-Anne-des-Plaines to find Jacques Bélisle’s grave.

I always thought Jacques Bélisle was buried in Montreal.

Guess what?

Ron sent me that burial act, but since he can’t read French well enough, he could not figure out what it said.

Well I can.

I know Ron reads my English version of my blog about genealogy so I know, dopamine or not, that he will be back tomorrow to learn where Jacques Bélisle was buried.

See you tomorrow.

5 thoughts on “Hi Ron… I’m back

  1. Digital Dummies dopamine, but have you checked the time on posts and emails when it strikes a person ? It’s some kind of an addiction.
    Ha, ha.

  2. Ha, ha , that’s ok, I think I will still wax the camper anyway so it’s ready for the trip just in case

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