Jim’s cars

Jim L’Esperance’s son asked me something last week…

I am sending you some pictures of me with my old car I built. There are a couple with me standing beside the car. Is it possible for you to put one of those pictures on your site I just signed up for.
I am not great with these computors and I do not know how.


Jim has been so generous with his father’s pictures that I use on my blog Lest We Forget that I can’t refuse that small favour.

So here goes…

Ahead one-third sort of.

Click on each image for a full view.




He also sent me this…

It’s a poster with some of the cars he owned.

Now Jim knows how generous I can be…

Now Jim is as well-known on Internet as his father Jim.

Lest We Forget.

4 thoughts on “Jim’s cars

  1. Dear Pierre & Jim ,

    I can see the AMX is Blue White & Red and the builder of this fine classic muscle car’s jacket is Red White & blue ? Does this really mean Canadian French guy in the USA or American French guy in Canada, I am confused and unable to figure this one out or is this more like baseball when we have all the bases covered?. Anyways one of you guys get back to me with an anwser on this ok. Those AMXs in the good old days use to always give my 67 Charger trouble on my way to the Blue Bonnet …lol.

    Thank you Jim for asking Pierre for a chance to take us all down memory lane in another good way much faster then the gene road.

    Thank you from another ………


  2. Hi Ron,

    Jim is living in Manitoba and is a great Winnipeg Jets fan.
    His roots are here in Quebec.

    Found everything when we met in 2009 when I started my blog on war veterans.

    His father who is also named Jim was aboard the Athabaskan when it was torpedoed on April 29, 1944.

  3. I see the bigger picture now Pierre and I am sure Jim has a blue white & red jacket in the closet too that goes with the red white & blue one.
    Thanks to the Internet I learn fast

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