Genealogy begins as an interest

Genealogy begins as an interest
becomes a hobby
continues as a vocation
takes over as an obsession
and in its last stages
is an incurable disease.

Quite true.

This picture had haunted me back in 2009 and was still haunting me just a few days ago.

I am not even closely related to these people.

So you see how genealogy can become an incurable disease…

I just had to know.

So I started writing this blog which is the English version of this one.

I thought I had found who this couple was.

I always thought that Bernadette was Jean-Marie Hogue’s daughter because she was living with him in 1900 according to the 1900 U.S. Census.

The Hogues’ ancestors lived in Sainte-Anne-des-Plaines back in the 1800s. Since I live there, I got interested in this family.

As so many French-Canadians, some Hogues emigrated to the United States to work in factories just like my Lagacé ancestors did.

900,000 French-Canadians emigrated although some came back like my grandfather Léo Lagacé Senior.

Jean-Marie Hogue did not come back and died in Malborough, Massachusetts, in 1920.

Everything is on his obituary card.

I have searched for this family since 2009 and now a descendant had helped me to identify the groom and the bride.

Bernadette is her given name but her surname is Levasseur and not Hogue.

Her mother, Melodie Hogue, who was Jean-Marie Hogue III’s sister, died in 1895 when Bernadette was only four years-old. I figure that Jean-Marie adopted her niece because her father Orphir Levasseur who was still living in 1895 could not take care of her little daughter for whatever reason.

Orphir Levasseur died in 1906, so when Bernadette Levasseur married Joseph Phaneuf on April 14, 1909, Jean-Marie was the one who served as the father of the bride.

Now all the pieces of the puzzle are fitting into the right spot.

At least that’s where we are right now.

Bernadette Levasseur and Joseph Brière had a least two sons according to the person who wrote me. She is related to Bernadette Levasseur by this woman.

I will tell you more next Monday.

There is so much to tell about this couple just looking at this picture.

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