Remember when I said…

Not to jump to conclusions in this article…

Well I did just that with that picture in 2009.

Now it’s haunting me and giving someone a headache in the U.S.

April in Marlborough, Massachusetts

I was assuming that Jean-Marie Hogue III had married his daughter Bernadette.

Well I think I was… dead wrong.

Before jumping again to conclusions I will wait for my new found reader to digest all that I found yesterday.

I don’t want to appear like a nut.


On the other hand, with all this searching around, I found that Jean-Marie Hogue III had two other sisters: Mélodie and Marie-Louise.

Mélodie Hogue was born in 1851.

Mélodie Hogue married Orphir Levasseur on December 25th. 1876 in Montreal.

She is probably the bride’s mother…

– Joseph, my beloved husband, I think this guy is nuts…

– Don’t jump to conclusions Bernadette
Stand still and watch the birdie…

Marie-Louise Hogue was born on January 5, 1854. She died 23 days later.

Genealogy begins as an interest
becomes a hobby
continues as a vocation
takes over as an obsession
and in its last stages
is an incurable disease.