How far does the Quesnel family tree go? Part 2

I just got this comment… about that article

How far does the Quesnel family tree go?

This will have to be investigated thoroughly. As you say it has a great bearing on our family tree and leaves us in limbo as to whom we are actually descendants of.

The author of “Les Quesnel”, Albert Aimé Quesnel, was a respected genealogist who took great pride in his work and in the Quesnel name.

He does admit that errors in his research will be found and hopefully rectified.

Please send me your email address and I will send you more information about this proud member of the Quesnel family.

By the way, my mother was born Isabella Lagacy.

My best regards.
Jean (John) Aime Quesnel

I just can’t wait…

8 thoughts on “How far does the Quesnel family tree go? Part 2

  1. I Yie Yie ! Might I add as I walked this road not all that long ago . Just as when spending seven years trying to find the missing link that would connect my Despatie surname to the Forget surname, and like every one in genealogy knows these two names are linked for us by the “dit” . Then after so many years of failure trying to make this connection, then by handing it over to the Pros to be told the proper surname was to be Belisle from then on. I was as though at that moment in the same way one would be attending the funeral of a most departed love one and left sick in morning for some time there after. Slowly with the passing of time, an old filing cabinet empties to be refilled with ever so dear the new family and a new sense of being takes place along with the wonderment of who we are also restored and once again the love for our genealogy burns bright.

    • Many times people who comment don’t follow up on what they have commented on. This is what is expected. In this case I find this especially strange since this is a BIG issue.

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