How far does the Quesnel family tree go?

I did not intend to write more than one article a week on this blog.

I had postponed talking about my Quesnel roots after my articles on Eddy Dubois.

This is the article I posted sometime ago…

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Rosina Quesnel is my maternal grandmother, and as many people looking for their roots, I found much valid information on the Internet.

Rosina is a direct descendant of Olivier Quesnel who was a gunsmith in the 1600s.

In this picture Rosina Quesnel is seen with her first husband Venance Paiement.

Venance was baptized “Valence” by the priest who was thinking his given name was Valence… like Valencia a town in Italy.

Sometimes such errors are found in the parish registers.

On the Internet Georges de Quesnel is often linked to be the father of Pierre de Quesnel who married Marie Poulard, these two being Olivier Quesnel’s parents.

Olivier Quesnel is known to be the ancestor of the Quesnel descendants in North America.

As I searched for Rosina Quesnel’s roots, I stumbled on this information posted on Ancestry…

This information is supposedly taken from this book: Les Quesnel 1488 – 1983 Du Château de France à l’Amérique, Volume 1, aux Éditions Quesnel de Fomblanche, éditeur Albert Aimé Quesnel.

Olivier Quesnel is linked to French nobility…

IV PIERRE NICOLAS DE QUESNEL seigneur des seigneuries Du Fresne et des Brosses, chevalier de l’Ordre du Roi, capitaine de 50 chevaux légers, épousa Barbe Le Blanc, veuve d’Estienne Le Prévost, qui était fille d’honneur de Catherine de Médicis, qui épousa d’Henri II, 3 enfants:
1. Georges
2. Anne
3. Helene

I searched for more information and found that Georges de Quesnel was married to Charlotte Malvoue who was a widow

I found this information in a book dated 1879: Georges de Quesnel did not have any descendants.

This is the link.…

People have often linked Olivier Quesnel to Georges de Quesnel who was part of the French nobility.

I have found no official record on a link between Olivier and Georges.

Pierre Nicolas Quesnel, who supposedly married Barbe Leblanc, can’t be Olivier Quesnel’s grandfather as seen in many family trees which took that info from Mr. Quesnel’s book.

I don’t know where Mr. Albert Quesnel took this information about Georges de Quesnel’s descendants because I don’t have a copy of his book and I can’t verify  his source.

I also found that Hélène Beaumaistre, not Barbe Leblanc, was Catherine de Médicis’ lady in waiting as found in the excerpt. I don’t know where the name Barbe Leblanc came from except in Mr. Quesnel’s book.

If you can shed some light on all this, I would appreciate it very much…

44 thoughts on “How far does the Quesnel family tree go?

  1. This will have to be investigated thoroughly. As you say it has a great bearing on our family tree and leaves us in Limbo as to who we actually descendents of. The author of “Les Quesnel”, Albert Aime Quesnel, was a respected genealogist who took great pride in his work and in the Quesnel name. He does admit that errors in his research will be found and hopefully rectified. Please send me your email address and I will send you more information about this proud member of the Quesnel family.
    By the way, my mother was born Isabella Lagacy.
    My Best regards.
    Jean (John) Aime Quesnel

  2. I believe we share common ancestory. Our research shows Pierre Quesnel to have been the father of Olivier and that he married Marie Poulard. He was from the “de St-Mals-de-la-Lande, eveche de Bayeaux, Normandie, France”. Olivier married Catherine Prudhomme in Montreal, 15 Jan 1680. I am a descendant of their son, Jean-Bte, Michel-Antoine, Antoine, Jean-Noel, Charles, Delphis, Felix, Joseph, then me, Derek Quesnel

    • We are indeed distant cousins and proud of our roots.
      Some people have ancestors of Pierre Quesnel but I found that there is something that is not that definitive about it.
      This is why I wrote this article in the English version of my blog about genealogy.

      Nice meeting you Derek.

      Pierre grandson of Rosina Quesnel.

    • Derek, you say that Pierre Quesnel was from : St-Mals-de-la-Lande, ev. de Bayeaux, Normandie, France.
      By any chance, would you have sustaining docs to support your say and if so would you be willing to share it ?

  3. I also have QUESNEL (paternal grandmother) and LEGACY lines in my ancestry. I will follow up with these asap. Hope I can trace lines further! Elaine

  4. Hi. I am looking for some information on my mothers biological father. His name was Ulysses Quesnel and he was most likely born around 1910 in Northern Ontario or Quebec. He had two children with Marian Palmer. If anyone knows anything it would be most appreciated.
    Merci et bonne nuit.

  5. In Bruce Watson’s Lives Lived West of the Divide I have found Amable Quesnel born 1898 as an employee of the Northwest Fur Company in 1813 posted in Oregon territory. I have noted that his mother was a Larocque from my family line, and so was a cousin to my Olivier Larocque born 1894, also signed on with the Northwest Fur Company. Do you have anything more on Amable Quesnel? I can see that he was descended from Olivier Quesnel, and I am looking for more connections to the Fur Trade..

  6. Is the website Nosorigines very reliable for information?

    I believe my Amable Quesnel was a direct descendant of Olivier Quesnel through his son John Baptiste Quesnel born 1681. I have found a discrepancy when tracing back Amable Quesnel and comparing to Bruce Watson Here is the problem:

    I used a website Nosorigines to try to verify the Amable Quesnel relationships described by Bruce Watson. I noted that Olivier Quesnel married in 1680 and had a son Jean Baptiste Quesnel born 1681. That son John Baptiste Quesnel had a child with “Marie- paris” – referred to by Bruce Watson as a Pawnee woman, born November 26 1702, baptized November 28 1702 in Lachine. John Baptiste Quesnel born 1681 also married Marie Gourdon shortly after this and had a child Michel Antoine Quesnel born October 25, 1705. This Michel Antoine Quesnel then married Angelique Javillon etcetera. So there were just three years difference in age between the two [Jean Baptiste Quesnel born 1702 and Michel Antoine Quesnel born 1705], yet Bruce Watson has them as separate generations, with Michel Antoine born 1705 being the son of the second Jean Baptiste Quesnel born 1702.

    In tracing my Amable Quesnel using the Nosorigines database he appears to be directly descended from Olivier Quesnel through his son John Baptiste Quesnel born 1681 and his wife Marie Gourdon. Omitting the extraneous Jean Baptiste Quesnel born 1702, I can trace through the Nosorigines website down the generations to Amable Quesnel born 1798.

  7. I will come back later this week on this. I have just checked Nos Origines Website and my family tree on Ancestry. If I have a senior moment, please write again.

  8. I am related to these people…

    John Baptiste Quesnel born 1681 also married Marie Gourdon shortly after this and had a child Michel Antoine Quesnel born October 25, 1705. This Michel Antoine Quesnel then married Angelique Javillon etcetera.

    • Thanks! I will look at you tree today and I think I can give you a few more connections. Everyone lived in such a tight little geographic area with a relatively small population base back then, so the intermarriages between families are a bit daunting!

    • I think my branch of the Quesnells is also related (I am a great-great-granddaughter of Damien Quesnell,1853-1892). My side of the family apparently came down from Canada into Minnesota before moving out to Idaho. Has any more information come to light about the father of Pierre Quesnel/the link between Olivier & Georges?

      • Since I posted my article, one person wrote and said he was going to check my findings. Never wrote back. As far as I know, there is no link between Pierre and Georges de Quesnel.

      • If you want to add your information about your branch of Quesnels, that would be great. Sharing is what is important in genealogy. I know Alyce LaGasse would concur.

      • Hi Pierre,
        Would the list be helpful here or better someplace else? I speak both French and English, so I have been looking on several different sites in the US, France, and Québec.
        By the way, I tried to get into the Calvados departmental archives while I was in France over Christmas, but the department with the original documents was unfortunately closed for the holidays.

        Here is the lineage for my branch of the Quesnels:
        Olivier Quesnel (1654, although I have seen that severall trees have 1651 for his d.o.b.)
        Jean-Baptiste Quesnel (1681)
        Michel-Antoine Quesnel (1705)
        Antoine Quesnel (1737)
        Jean-Baptiste Quesnel (1770)
        Antoine Quesnel (1794)
        Jean-Baptiste Quesnell (1829)
        Damien Quesnell (1853)
        Archibald Quesnell (1886)
        Paul Quesnell (1916)
        My father


  9. Read all your entries, very interesting. My grand mother was Clerce Quesnel daughter of William Quesnel born in St Andrew of Argenteuil, Qc. In feb. 1861, he worked for the Can. gouvt. In a small town called Carillon Qc in a then military garrison or such, that building is now a Museum. He was the Son of Pierre Quesnel and Marie Anne Delorme. I was looking for earlier origins from Normandy, Scandanavia? Thank you

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