This is Eddy in 1945

We will go back in time and relive part of Eddy’s life starting in 1945.

I believe Eddy was ferrying a Mosquito to England in 1945.

Eddy and Billy

I believe but I am not quite sure.

I wanted to ask Eddy about it. Eddy is on the left. He is with his friend Billy.

I know Billy was his friend and he was from Ontario because Eddy sent me also this picture with a caption…

Billy and Harvard trainer. He lived in London, Ont.

But I can’t date that picture yet. Probably in the early 1940s.

We are now in 1945.

The war is over… I think.

Eddy was stationned in the Bahamas during World War II and moved to Toronto.

He shared many pictures with me.

He sent these about the Mosquito.

Eddy told me these airmen broke the record crossing of the Atlantic in this plane. He also shared these.

Eddy is the second on the left of the second row…

Click on the picture to zoom in

I would have liked to learn more about his years during these times.

I tried to find information about these airmen on the Internet, but I found nothing.

If you know anything, please contact me by writing a comment below.

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