Happy New Year

I know someone in Ontario who enjoys reading my blog…

Also someone in Las Vegas trying to hook up to the hotel wi-fi with her I-Phone…

Also many cousins down in New England with Lagacé ancestors.

I know my great-grandfather Stanislas Lagacé, aka Dennis Lagasse, and his brother Pierre love it.

Great reading…!

I know Alyce in Seattle does to… so is Michael who was searching for his roots…

I know my maternal grandparents, Euclide Hormisdas Sauvé and Rosina Quesnel, enjoy it to…

Rosina Quesnel and Euclide Sauvé

married on 8 April, 1919

By the way, with all this search for Euclide Depatie, I found out that Euclide was the descendant of Angélique Martin dit St-Jean, the sister of Catherine Martin dit St-Jean, Honoré Sauvé’s mother .

It’s amazing isn’t it Pierre what one little piece of paper
may hold secret till someone takes notice.

What I did not know was that Euclide Depatie died when he was nine. Ron told me. His grandfather  Armand named his first son after Euclide.

When a story is over, there is always one right around the corner… 

It’s like with this picture… which is one of my most precious photograph.

Venance Paiement’s family

7 thoughts on “Happy New Year

  1. Yes my 3 x’s great-grandparents Étienne Bélisle & Marie-Angélique Martin, who I know personaly, held their family dear and passed it on to their descendents, would like to say I am sure:

    HAPPY 2011 TO ALL and may all the great names of Quebec live on and never be forgotten.

    2011 the year of change to the better of all .

  2. There is the first baby of the year… and then…

    There is the first comment of 2011 on my blog…

    Happy New Year Ron and may 2011 brings more ancestors down the long and winding road of genealogy.

  3. Like all the families around the globe, nothing is more precious and sacred than the memories of our parents. We can spend a year to seek them out, and a moment to toast to their loving past.

  4. Pierre ces enfants sont très jolies. Mais il y a sept enfants quand je les compte. Sont-ils des descendants Sauvé aussi?

    J’ai des anciennes photos de famille Gratton, mais je sais rien du tout au sujet ces ancêtres. Qu’est-ce que je besoin de faire? Je suis désolée mon français est terrible, mais je dois essayer, n’est pas? Je suis du Ohio, États-Unis. Je suis la seule personne de ma famille qui sait un mot de ma langue maternelle. Que veut dire Happy New Year si on est Québécois?

  5. Bonjour Mary Alice,

    Happy New Year is…

    Bonne année.

    I edited your message which was quite good if I may say so. The children are Paiement. My grandmother’s first husband was Venance Paiement who died in 1918. She remarried in 1919. I will post an article on my French blog later.

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