Happy New Year

I know someone in Ontario who enjoys reading my blog…

Also someone in Las Vegas trying to hook up to the hotel wi-fi with her I-Phone…

Also many cousins down in New England with Lagacé ancestors.

I know my great-grandfather Stanislas Lagacé, aka Dennis Lagasse, and his brother Pierre love it.

Great reading…!

I know Alyce in Seattle does to… so is Michael who was searching for his roots…

I know my maternal grandparents, Euclide Hormisdas Sauvé and Rosina Quesnel, enjoy it to…

Rosina Quesnel and Euclide Sauvé

married on 8 April, 1919

By the way, with all this search for Euclide Depatie, I found out that Euclide was the descendant of Angélique Martin dit St-Jean, the sister of Catherine Martin dit St-Jean, Honoré Sauvé’s mother .

It’s amazing isn’t it Pierre what one little piece of paper
may hold secret till someone takes notice.

What I did not know was that Euclide Depatie died when he was nine. Ron told me. His grandfather  Armand named his first son after Euclide.

When a story is over, there is always one right around the corner… 

It’s like with this picture… which is one of my most precious photograph.

Venance Paiement’s family