January 27, 1851 in St-Polycarpe, Quebec

Ron wrote this comment this week…


It’s amazing isn’t it Pierre what one little piece of paper may hold secret till someone takes notice.

The only other question I would wonder would be, was Fabien born in Ste-Anne and did he and my great-grandfather Leon go to school and grow up together there also?


Fabien Sauvé dit Laplante birth certificate


Final answer Ron…

Fabien Sauvé was born on January 26, 1851, in St-Polycarpe, Quebec.

Even if he is baptised Joseph Fabien Laplante, we know that’s the guy.

I should know…

Fabien Sauvé dit Laplante is my second cousin three times removed, and I am dead sure we never went to school and grew up together.

And on December 25, 1913, Fabien Sauvé and Sophie André were surely very proud of their godchild Joseph Euclide Depatie.

It’s amazing isn’t it Pierre what one little piece of paper
may hold secret till someone takes notice.


8 thoughts on “January 27, 1851 in St-Polycarpe, Quebec

  1. What can I say Pierre other than when it comes to the privacy act we have today, it holds no water to one’s ancestors when hidden in a file cabinet. Has anyone ever heard of the law firm Lagace Depatie & White?

    I can tell you they’re not bad. Here’s one small thing to conclude for Fabien’s godchild, the brother of my grandfather Armand Depatie being Joseph Euclide passed away in 1922 at nine years old. Case closed.

    Ron Belisle Depatie

  2. I saw that Armand named one of his son Euclide…
    Armand was 15 at the time Euclide died.

    He wanted to remember him and gave his name to his son.

    There is always a reason behind someone’s given name.

  3. You’re right there Pierre, my grandfather must have been close to his brother Euclide to use his name again for his first born in 1930. We just lost him to a few years ago. We all grew up calling him uncle Yogi even though his name was Euclide.


    P.S. Pierre who is our good friend Mike White?

  4. That’s a good one Pierre. See the family never knew grandfather had two brothers, they only knew there was one till I came across the birth certificate for him. There are no pictures that I know of for him, even if there were I would have no one alive in my family today that could say it was him. In the good old things were kept hush hush, in my other digging in the pass not to long ago I also came across a death certificate for a Real Depatie born to my grandfather & mother. He passed away at six months old in September 1937. My father which you met was born in March 1937… even this was a shock when I released it to the family.

    So much for (hush hush).
    You can see the two brothers Alfred and Armand though in the photo I sent you of Leon’s family.


  5. Hello,
    I am a cousin of Ron.
    I grew up in Michigan.
    My family was originally Forget til they changed it to Depatie in the 1880s.

    My family was one of the first to move to Nadeau Michigan in the 1800s.

    There is a lot of amazing facts out there on us.

    The Stephenson Michigan Library has photos of my family on the walls. I even have photos of the family and their house, and my dad still lives in the orginal house in Nadeau. I am not sure how long we owned the house, but I am sure it is a hundred years or more.

    I am very proud of my famiiy’s history, and happy to see people like Ron keeping the family history alive.

  6. Welcome aboard.

    Napoleon Sauvé, son of Fabien Sauvé and Louise Houle, moved to Escanaba, Delta, Michigan in the late 1890s.

    Did you know that more than 900,000 French-Canadians emigrated to the States. Many came back but we have a lot of descendants who don’t even know where their ancestors came from.

    Thanks for your comment.


    P.S. If you want to have your ancestors linked to whatever information I have gathered on this family, then send me an e-mail to this address…


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