Two more to go…

Yesterday we saw that Fabien Sauvé had been married to Victorine Houle.

Fabien remarried in 1891 with Marie-Eveline Lanthier. In my search I also saw Ibeline and Obéline as a given name.

I only found one daughter of this couple:

Rosanna Sauvé, daughter of Fabien Sauvé and Obéline (sic) Lanthier who married Omer Poirier in 1917.

In the first episode, we saw that in the 1901 Canadian census we had these people…

Sauve Fabien?     M           Head     M     Jan 26     1851     50
Sauve Lola     F           Wife     M     Mar       1864     37
Sauve Hanah     F           Daughter     S     Jul 1     1889     11
Sauve Rosanna?     F           Daughter     S     Jul       1892     8
Sauve Albert     M           Son     S     May 5     1893     7
Sauve Alfred     M           Son     S     Mar       1895     6
Sauve Lucia     F           Daughter     S     Jul 14     1897
Sauve Honora     F           Daughter     S     Apr 25     1900     10 mos.

Source Information:
1901 Census of Canada
Subdistrict:    Lancaster, GLENGARRY, ONTARIO
District Number:    62
Subdistrict Number:    d-6
Archives Microfilm:    T-6468

Rosanna is said to have been born in 1892.

Since Fabien remarried in 1891, we must then assume that Hanah (Anna?) born in 1889 was from his second marriage with Obéline Lanthier.

Rosanna is Anna’s sibling just as Albert, Alfred and Lucia.

Honora would be from the third marriage with Sophie André.

What I found out in my never ending research is not an “Honora” Sauvé but an Honoré Sauvé who was born in 1900 and who died in 1951.

Honoré Sauvé married Rosanna Brunet in 1923.

Did the enumerator make a mistake in the 1901 census?

Quite possible.

Anyways, next time we will concentrate on the third marriage and answer all the questions Ron had about his great-grandfather’s friend who was Euclide Depatie’s godfather.

– Julie my dearest one, I wonder if people kept these precious marriage pictures?
– How should I know…
Stay tuned Honoré…

5 thoughts on “Two more to go…

  1. Joseph Fabian (Fabien) Sauvé was born on the 27th of January 1851 in St-Polycarpe Soulanges Montreal Quebec Canada. He married 3 times. His wives include Sophie André, Marie Éveline Lanthier and Marie Victorine Louise Houle. (20-10-1874 in St-Polycarpe). More info given to Pierre.

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