Honoré Sauvé’s children…

Yesterday I told you I was going to talk about Honoré Sauvé’s family, but you see, it was also Julie Leroux’s family.

I understand genealogy uses the name of the father, but I think we owe Julie Leroux just a bit of recognition in the part she played in all this.

Right on Baby…!

Few people outside Quebec know that women in Quebec kept their maiden name in the 1850s when they got married.

Here is the proof.

In the 1852 census we read Honoré Sauvé, 27, and Julie Leroux, 26.

1852 census

After, men voted a law that changed all that…

Married women had to carry their husband’s name.

Go figure…

Anyway, Julie Leroux had 11 children, 6 boys and 5 girls.

Click on the image to zoom in

She probably had a whole lot more.

Some might have died at birth or some might have been lost through miscarriages…

You see, the Catholic clergy in Quebec, back in those days, incited women to have a baby a year…

Go figure…

So I figure that Julie had around 22 pregnancies in her life. 50% survived though some died as infants.

Julie was married on November 8, 1843 and her first child Isaïe was born on February 12, 1845.

That’s 15 months between the marriage and Isaïe’s birth. Her last recorded birth was April 16, 1866 when she was 42 years old. She gave birth to Paul Saül Sauvé.

Anyway, Julie did her best to raise a family and keep the clergy happy.

Next time, I will show you old sepia photographs one of which will be Isaïe Sauvé.

I know Odette will be thrilled by my old sepia photographs and specially one thing I found on the mormons’ site…


6 thoughts on “Honoré Sauvé’s children…

  1. I love Sepia photographs.
    When I took Photography for 3 years in High School, I loved making some hand developed Sepia photographs. I had this one I took of a church, and after I had in a Sepia print, I would carry it around me with in my pocket for a week, and it got all crinkly and used looking. By the end of the week, it looked really old. LOL

    You can say that the love for old photographs were a passion of mine even before I knew it.

    I am sure that I will love them!

    Wow, I was born just a day before Isaie! I was born on February 11th.



  2. When the Moon is his the 7th house and Jupiter aligns with Mars…

    Learned astrology by myself when I was 18.
    Did not know where I was going.

    I did hundreds of astral charts. I always loved to help people.

    Found out I did not need astrology.
    Genealogy is better.

    • Just happened upon your information on the Clouthier family.
      My name is Larry Clouthier, son of Lawrence and Eileen Sovie Clouthier.
      If you are still at this site please respond, I would like to discuss family history with you.

  3. Although I’m a Smith by ancestry. I have done extensive research on the Sauve line. I send all my info to Dave Sauvé’s Family History site. Some additional versions of the name that are not on here are Sova, Sovie, Sovey, Sauvey, Sophy, Sophie, Souvay just to name a few. I found more than twenty English variations in North America alone.

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