I hope I won’t scare you with this…

If your name is Sovie, Sova, Sauvie, Sauve, or Sauvé… and you live in the United States…

Well, Merry Christmas because we are related.

What’s he talking about…?

It’s about this…

Well Honoré, there goes our great-great grandchild again…

This photograph does not mean much to many people… and I quite understand.

This one also does not mean much…

Napoleon Clouthier

Honoré and Julie probably never met Napoleon.

Napoleon’s son, Lawrence D. Clouthier married Eileen Catherine Sovie. Catherine probably never knew her Sauvé lineage just like Honoré probably never knew that his ancestor was Pierre Sauvé.

Honoré Sauvé died on December 11, 1899. That’s 111 years ago. Honoré had many brothers and sisters. One of them was Joseph. I knew very little about Joseph Sauvé until someone wrote me.

Tomorrow I will tell you more about Honoré Sauvé and my new 4th cousin twice removed.

Honoré, I think I’m going to make some donuts…

Bring me some beer dear…


2 thoughts on “I hope I won’t scare you with this…

  1. Ha ha ha ha. I liked the caption! I needed a good laugh this morning.

    I can’t wait until tomorrow to read what you have to say. I love your wit!

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