Extra inning: Louis Robitaille

This was a draft article written on October 25. It was supposed to be a follow-up on my articles where Sandy and I played genealogy baseball…

So here goes…

Extra inning: Louis Robitaille

Remember when I talked about Blanche Lagasse in this article. There was a guy in left field who was searching for Louis Robitaille’s parents.

I am looking for ancestors of Louis Robitaille (b. 1902?), husband to Marie Blanche Lagasse (b. 1904?), and father of Edward Robitaille (b. 1922?) and Marie Delores Robitaille (b. 1924).

All four were born in Massachusetts.

According to Census, Louis’ parents were both born in French Canada. In 1920, he was a lodger at a boarding house in New Bedford MA. His soon to be wife was the daughter of Frobe Lagasse and Valida M. Forand, the operators of the boarding house.

I have no information on Louis’ parents or family and would like to trace them to Canada.

Well Mister Leftfielder, I found your answer.

This was on the Mormons’ site…

We are in 1920.

Frobe Lagasse died in 1915 from tuberculosis and Valéda has a boarding house and lives with Blanche and 47 lodgers!

**Household** **Gender** **Age**
Valida Lagassè  **F** 45y
Marie Blanche Lagassè  **F** 15y

Joseph Enos Martin  **M** 29y
Michal Jos Mccormack  **M** 34y
John Costa  **M** 28y
Manuel Sylvia  **M** 25y
Alfred D S Hilton  **M** 41y
Celina Coden  **F** 34y
Aurelie Bussiere  **F** 64y
Mary Blanch Bussiere  **F** 15y
Bertha Mitchell  **F** 48y
Josepha Delpee  **F** 44y
Joseph O Delpee  **M** 43y
Ali Nick Adams  **M** 36y
Harry Bilo  **M** 19y
Edith Thomas  **F** 19y
Frank Thomas  **M** 19y
Paul L Donahue  **M** 21y
Rose D’Ayolk  **F** 26y
William Hamel  **M** 35y
Oliver Ormerall  **M** 57y
Mora Adanerka  **M** 45y
Memhet Riza  **M** 38y
Sophia Saulnier  **F** 33y
Napoleon Saulnier  **M** 30y
Aurelie Leverquer  **M** 44y
Kismet Salo  **M** 23y
Elizabeth A Drew  **F** 40y
Joseph Robinson  **M** 57y

Louis E Robitaille  **M** 18y

Jerry Robitaille  **M** 73y
Xavier Morel  **M** 26y
Charles H B Ellis  **M** 59y
John Meljacik  **M** 35y
Joseph F Donohue  **M** 27y
John Morency  **M** 46y
Octane Bibeau  **M** 37y
Arthur Sylvester  **M** 31y
Annie Larue  **F** 45y
Wilkibal Poirier  **M** 35y
Daniel J Reddie  **M** 30y
Ida Reddie  **F** 30y
Lillian Perreault  **F** 21y
William Ed Broderick  **M** 34y
Alice Webb  **F** 37y
George Edward Crowther  **M** 36y
Thomas T Nichols  **M** 44y
Joseph Gagnon  **M** 40y
Joseph Roy  **M** 43y

This is Louis’ file…

Name Louis E Robitaille
Residence New Bedford Ward 6, Bristol, Massachusetts
Estimated Birth Year 1902
Age 18
Birthplace Massachusetts
Relationship to Head of Household
Gender Male
Race White
Marital Status Single
Father’s Birthplace
Mother’s Birthplace
Film Number 1820686
Digital Folder Number 4301082
Image Number 00725
Sheet Number 14

Louis is 18 and Blanche is 15.

A beautiful love story yet to be told…

Yet I wonder who is this Jerry Robitaille living in the boarding house…

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