Passed ball…

Last time, I was too quick… with identifying these people on this picture…

Linda backed me up on that wild pitch…

I thought Blanche Lagasse was holding Edward Robitaille.

The woman holding a baby is Valéda Forand and she is holding Blanche Lagasse.

Blanche Lagasse and Valéda Forand

Everything makes sense.

We would have the Frobe Lagasse’s family in 1905: Frobe would be on the extreme right in the first row.

Frobe Lagasse

Laurent and Norman. the two sons of Valéda and Frobe, are in front.

Laurent and Norman Lagasse

Laurent is the smaller one.

He would die one year later.

This picture is telling us a lot.

Linda wanted to share what she knows and wanted to identify all the people in this picture.

Are you looking for your ancestors?

Are you looking for Frobe Lagasse or are you related to Norman Lagasse?

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