Bottom of the ninth… « Pierre » Round the Clock

“Pierre” Round the Clock or Rock Around the Clock, that’s the same…

Not much of a rocker even if I am a baby boomer.

I was 6 or 7 years old when Rock’n Roll hit the scene.

But now I am rocking to a different tune.

I am leaving no stones unturned to find all the information I can get to know all about my Lagacé lineage.

Sandy had sent me these pictures in August…


circa 1895? 

She told me to wait before talking about these.

She wanted to ask an expert.

Well this is it.

With Joe’s favorite picture and Sandy’s help, we think we have found her identity.

She is Agnes Alexandre, at least we think so because you are never too sure when you do genealogy.

Agnes is the daughter of Philomène Lagacé and Jean-Baptiste Alexandre.

Philomène is Stanislas Lagacé aka Dennis Lagasse’s sister…


Sandy had her little theory about that picture…

The photographer would have put the eldest daughter at noon and all the others clockwise.

The expert said she was probably right.

So we would have this…

Click on the image to zoom in

Agnes would be at 4 o’clock.

Agnes Alexandre?

I will be posting several short articles about this family because Joe and Sandy helped me a lot.

We will probably find descendants of Agnes Alexandre down the road.

I know who was her husband so we can start from there. After we can look for descendants of all the other daughters of Philomène Lagacé my great-grandaunt.

I told you I will leave no stone unturned.

See you next time.