Top of the ninth inning: Frobe Lagasse

I had written something on Frobe Lagasse in 2009.

I never thought someone would write me about him. Alice, Frobe’ sister, named one of her children after him.

This is the file of Frobe Lagasse.

file Frobe Lagasse

Frobe is a second cousin. His grandfather was Pierre Lagacé who was my great-great-grandfather’s brother.

Few people know his genealogy but I do and someone else does now.

Having found all my Lagacés ancestors, I had been looking for distant relatives and this is how I found one whose husband is related to Frobe and Alice.

Frobe married Valéda Forand in 1897. They had at three children: Joseph Norman, Laurent and Blanche. Laurent probably died young.

There are two people who also have Frobe Lagasse in their data banks on Ancestry.

The problem is that they say that Frobe Lagasse died in 1964.

Frobe died in 1915 and this is his death certificate. He died from tuberculosis.

Click on the image it will appear in another window

Here are some information about Norman Lagasse.

He was born in January 1899 in New Bedford, Massachusetts.

Blanche was born around 1905.

In the 1920 U.S. Census, Valéda and Blanche are living together. I had found no traces of Norman.

There might not be any descendants of Frobe Lagasse who was the son of Adolphe Lagasse an undertaker in Massachusetts around 1909, but now I know that there are Alice’s descendants in the United States.

Next time…

Bottom of the ninth.

It’s not over till it’s over.

One thought on “Top of the ninth inning: Frobe Lagasse

  1. My Grandmother was Marie (Blanche) Lagasse. I have some family photos that I would love to share and hopefully have some help identifying the people in one of the large family photos.

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