Play ball!

I always loved baseball.

I don’t know why.

Sandy sent me this picture last week.

Sandy did not have a clue on this young man’s identity. Sandy has lot of pictures with people she can’t identify and she sends them along to get my opinion.

Together we try to identify who these people are.

Sandy sent me this picture Wednesday. She found out who the married couple was…

This is Pierre Lagasse and Mathilde Leblanc, Sandy great-great-grandparents.

She had just realized that it was them by comparing with the picture of the two brothers sitting on a park bench.

Sandy had told me before that Mathilde had died from cholera in 1884 after giving birth to her last daughter. This infant also died a few months later from cholera. Pierre must have been devastated and surely his brother Stanislas was also affected by this.

These were hard times.

Why Sandy and I do all this? Because we want to play ball with Pierre’s and Stanislas’ descendants. You can join our team anytime.

It’s free…

Together we will learn more about our great Lagasse family.

Next time… Top of the first…


Ron’s Labor Day

It’s Labor Day today. I hope you’re not working.

Ron’s search for who built la Maison Chaumont continues.

Ron Depatie thought Toussaint, the son  of his ancestor Jacques Bélisle, had built la Maison Chaumont.

My ancestor’s son built this…

Ron had written me a comment.

Hi from Ron Roture dit Belisle (known today as Ron Depatie)

This reply comes from reading an old blog I found on your site dated March 18, 2008 THE HOUSE OF CHAUMONT STE ANNE DES PLAINES.

Just wanted to let you know that there is an old family from Saint-Anne-des-Plaines coming out of the closet for the first time in over a hundred years today…

In this article you speak of Toussaint Belisle as being the local custom contractor to have built this house. I would just like to add, for any one who might be interested in knowing, that Toussaint Belisle an entrepreneur had three other brothers also, Léon, Élie, Frederick Belisle seen named as entrepreneurs in the area of Ste-Anne-des-Plaines and Montreal. They were the sons of Jacques Belisle and Elmere Therrien of Ste Anne’s. Leon Belisle also known as Leon Despatie was my great-grand-father.

Thru your blog that I just read today, I found out something I never knew and that was Toussaint was a home builder in Ste Anne’s and it would be neat to know if his brothers helped him on this one.

Well that’s all from me for now. I thank you for taking the time to read this and hope it gave some information that might be helpful to others.

Thank you.
Ronnie Roture dit Belisle dit Depatie

After searching and searching, Ron and I think that another Toussaint, the son of George Bélisle and Olivine Bélisle, was the builder. He built also this house on Third Avenue…

Ron is with his uncle Paul


Ron has some expertise in old houses restoration and he noticed something quite interesting while examining la Maison Chaumont, the house on Third Avenue and also this one.

See you next Monday.

Pierre and Stanislas

Pure pleasure…

It makes me feel good to see two brothers together…

Pierre Lagasse and Stanislas Lagasse circa 1905

I did a little touching-up on Pierre’s face.

Pierre Lagasse and Stanislas Lagasse circa 1905

Click to move closer…

Sandy sent me this picture…

Sandy and I have talked a lot about Pierre Lagacé aka Pierre Lagasse and Stanislas Lagacé aka Dennis Lagasse.

Pierre was born in August 1844 and his brother Stanislas in August 1842.

Pierre is Sandy’s great-great-grandfather and Stanislas is my great-grandfather. She thinks this picture was taken between 1904 and 1914. I think it’s more 1905-1906, but I won’t start an argument with my third cousin once removed.

Sandy sent me this message with this picture.

Hi Pierre

Looking through the tin photos again and I think we have Pierre (1844) and Stanislas (1842) on a bench. Tell me what you think. I think it is them. But I am running it by you also. Dated about 1904-1914

They look younger.

By this photo it shows that my Pierre and Stanislas were close and they look relaxed with each other. And Stanislas is smoking.

Enjoy the photo


Enjoy I did, and I did recognized the two. Stanislas is smoking a cigar…

I’ve never smoked in my life.

Ron’s back on track…

The Bélisle family of Sainte-Anne-des-Plaines is on the map as well as on the Internet, just as much as the Lagasse family is.

I don’t know where I am heading with this, but anyway… full speed ahead.

1939 Chevy

Three Toussaint Bélisle could have built la Maison Chaumont.

Click for a larger version…

Toussaint Bélisle the First was born on May 19, 1857 in Sainte-Anne-des-Plaines. This Toussaint was the son of Joseph Bélisle and Josephte Chaumont. Josephte could also have Josette and even Christine as a given name.

This Toussaint married Vitaline Duquette in 1880. The name Toussaint Despaties was written in the marriage certificate. After Vitaline’s death, Toussaint married Alphonsine Lapointe in 1894. Toussaint Bélisle was written in marriage certificate. His mother’s name became Marie-Louise Chaumont…

In the 1891 Canadian census, we find that this Toussaint is a carpenter which should make him a serious candidate for the builder of Maison Chaumont.

Toussaint Bélisle the Second was born on October 30, 1858, also in Sainte-Anne-des-Plaines. According to his marriage certificate he is the son of Georges Bélisle and Olivine Bélisle dit Goyet. Georges is a farmer in the 1881 Canadian census as well as his son Toussaint…

Toussaint Bélisle the Third was born on October 31, 1858, one day after Toussaint the Second. His parents are Jacques Bélisle and Elmire Therrien.

This is Ron’s lineage.

A working man, Ron Depatie dit Roture dit Bélisle dit Rotureau

Jacques Bélisle lives in le Trait-Carré according to the 1881 Canadian census. He is a laborer just like his son Toussaint.

Of our three Toussaint, only one seems, for the time being, to have the necessary skills to build the house  of Joseph Chaumont… except that… whether we are talking house building or genealogy, we should never that anything for granted.

We will try to get to the bottom of this on Labor Day.