Fifth inning… Marguerite Alexandre

This game can go extra innings you know…

Last month, Joe sent me this picture of Marguerite Alexandre, Henriette Alexandre’s sister.

It’s not over till it’s over…

Marguerite is one of Joe’s ancestors.

That’s as close as I can get to have a picture of Henriette Alexandre, my great-grandmother.

I am very lucky though because I have the pictures of all my 8 great-grandparents except Henriette’s photograph.

Pierre Lagacé tree

I know all about her: she had 13 children.

Five were still living in 1900. That’s what the 1900 U.S. census said.

Henriette’s sister, Marguerite Alexandre, is Joe’s great-great-grandmother which makes us third cousins.

Joe told me he could use all the living cousins he can get.

I think I could also…

Joe has a great sense of humor, just like mine and like Melissa’s.

My grandfather Léo Lagacé was quite a clown. That’s what someone who knew him back in the 1920s told me.

Her name was Dorilla Landry, Maria Landry’s younger sister.

I met her in April 2009. She was 95.

I talked about the Landry family in this article

Sandy found out that Léo Lagacé and Maria Landry, who got married in 1912, had a child: a little baby girl.

Her name was Yvette Noëlla Lagacé.

Noëlla was born on December 24, 1913. She lived only 16 days.

I don’t think many people ever knew this…

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