Fourth inning…

There is someone out there in the bleachers who is watching this game.

I don’t know who this person is, but he or she downloaded some of Pierre Lagasse’s picture on my Ancestry site.

Pierre Lagasse and Mathilde Leblanc

Pierre Lagasse

He or she had been looking for information on Beatrice Delores Robear.

I don’t mind because I do not own my ancestors or my ancestors’ relatives even if I have been searching a lot for the past three years.

Pierre is my great-grandfather’s brother.

Band of brothers…

Pierre and Stanislas had other siblings…

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This person was looking for Emma Lagasse, daughter of Pierre Lagacé and Mathilde Leblanc.

Emma was born in 1880 and she married Henri Robert who switched his name to Henry Robear.

Emma and Henry had these children:


Henri Arthur

Beatrice Delores

Vernon Fredrick

This person must have had a ball with all the information that can be found on my site.

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I would only wish he or she would play ball with us and maybe send us a picture of Emma Lagasse.

One nice thing about this blog is when you now type Emma Lagasse on Google, you get this…

If you type Beatrice Delores Robear, you get this…

Next time, fifth inning.