Third inning

Linda is quite a genealogy player…

She had covered a lot of grounds to find her roots. The only error she made was with Agnes’ parents: Pierre Lagacé and Mathilde Leblanc.

Sandy and I backed her up. 

Linda is not the first one to commit this error. Sandy told me we see this error a lot on the Internet. Mathilde Leblanc did not marry Pierre Adolphe Lagacé, son of Pierre Lagacé and Marcelline David.

She did not…

Pierre Lagacé and Mathilde Leblanc

Sandy knows all about Pierre Lagacé, son of Stanislas Lagacé and Onésime Cadieux, and I know all about his brother Stanislas Lagasse…

And we know a whole lot more… and we also have pictures .

Field of dreams

Linda on the other hand knows all about the L’Esperance’s branch… and she wants to play along with us.

Delphis Lesperance’s children

Don’t worry about making mistakes when searching for your ancestors. It happens to all of us. We just have to correct them when we see them.

Know someone who likes baseball and genealogy? He or she can join our team.

Next time…

Fourth inning!