Second inning…

Now we’re getting somewhere…

After Stephen, whose great-great-grandfather is also mine, Linda has now join our team.

Linda has been searching for the Lesperance lineage for quite a while and she hit a lot of home runs even if she had made an error on Agnes Lagasse’s parents.

No harm done…

Remember this picture…

Agnes Lagasse is kneeling besides her daughter Victoria.

Sandy and I had identified all the people on this picture taken around 1908-1909.

One of them is Delphis Lesperance.

Linda is Delphis Lesperance’s granddaughter…!

Agnes Lagasse is her great-grandmother.

As I was writing this article, I went on the Internet and I found some of the messages she had left on a forum. She had put her e-mail so I wrote her.

Never thought she would write back…

Write back she did. Even the kids had to wait for supper…

Told you genealogy was addictive.

This picture was sent to me by Sandy two months ago.

George Lesperance sent it to her a few years back.

George had identified the people with what he knew then.

Sandy has now identified most of them.

First row: Agnes Lagasse, Francois Lesperance, Elma Lesperance, Edward Lesperance

Second row: Eugenie Lagasse, ?, Marie-Louise Côté, Alphonse Meunier, Philomène Desforges, Joseph Lagasse, ? and ?

The old woman in the centre of the photo is Philomène Desforges.

Philomène Desforges 1843-1933

She was to married Edouard L’Espérance dit Viau. Édouard, just like my great-grandfather Stanislas Lagacé, had taken another name. He was known as Edward Hope.

Hope is the English translation of “espérance”.

I went looking for Édouard Lespérance or Edward Hope in the Canadian census, and there he was… in 1881 in St. Armand, Quebec.

This is Edward with his family.

Philomène is with her children: Sophronie, Lucie, Henriette, Joseph, Marie, Adéline, Caroline and Lucien.

Next inning, I will try to find Edward Hope’s parents…

I hope.

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