Play ball!

I always loved baseball.

I don’t know why.

Sandy sent me this picture last week.

Sandy did not have a clue on this young man’s identity. Sandy has lot of pictures with people she can’t identify and she sends them along to get my opinion.

Together we try to identify who these people are.

Sandy sent me this picture Wednesday. She found out who the married couple was…

This is Pierre Lagasse and Mathilde Leblanc, Sandy great-great-grandparents.

She had just realized that it was them by comparing with the picture of the two brothers sitting on a park bench.

Sandy had told me before that Mathilde had died from cholera in 1884 after giving birth to her last daughter. This infant also died a few months later from cholera. Pierre must have been devastated and surely his brother Stanislas was also affected by this.

These were hard times.

Why Sandy and I do all this? Because we want to play ball with Pierre’s and Stanislas’ descendants. You can join our team anytime.

It’s free…

Together we will learn more about our great Lagasse family.

Next time… Top of the first…

One thought on “Play ball!

  1. I’ve spent the last month researching family in Scotland: /Bairds/Browns/Warwicks and I’ve come to the conclusion that they’re all related, I mean all the Bairds, Warwicks, etc. . . not only from Scotland but from Ireland and England ad infinitum. Of course you can add Canada, the USA and the world for that matter. Then, of course we all know that everyone goes back to that small village in Africa where we began the journey. I’ll still continue the research, trying to puzzle out the personalities and stories of as many relatives as I can find. It’s quite an adventure. Vale Wanderer …

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