Pierre and Stanislas

Pure pleasure…

It makes me feel good to see two brothers together…

Pierre Lagasse and Stanislas Lagasse circa 1905

I did a little touching-up on Pierre’s face.

Pierre Lagasse and Stanislas Lagasse circa 1905

Click to move closer…

Sandy sent me this picture…

Sandy and I have talked a lot about Pierre Lagacé aka Pierre Lagasse and Stanislas Lagacé aka Dennis Lagasse.

Pierre was born in August 1844 and his brother Stanislas in August 1842.

Pierre is Sandy’s great-great-grandfather and Stanislas is my great-grandfather. She thinks this picture was taken between 1904 and 1914. I think it’s more 1905-1906, but I won’t start an argument with my third cousin once removed.

Sandy sent me this message with this picture.

Hi Pierre

Looking through the tin photos again and I think we have Pierre (1844) and Stanislas (1842) on a bench. Tell me what you think. I think it is them. But I am running it by you also. Dated about 1904-1914

They look younger.

By this photo it shows that my Pierre and Stanislas were close and they look relaxed with each other. And Stanislas is smoking.

Enjoy the photo


Enjoy I did, and I did recognized the two. Stanislas is smoking a cigar…

I’ve never smoked in my life.