Gerard H Lagasse

Can’t get enough…

You can’t get enough when you start looking for your ancestors.

Sandy and I had identified some of the people in this picture, but the baby was unidentified.

Sandy has probably found out who he was.

This would be Gerard H Lagasse.

Gerard is the first son of Harry Lagasse and Anna Campbell.

close-up Anna Campbell and Harvey Lagasse

Sandy and I know a lot about the Lagacé lineage. Harry had another son, Laurent. It would be great if some descendants of Gerard or Laurent would contact us.

We ask for no money.

We just want to share what information we have gathered with our distant relatives.

So if you are related to Gerard who was born on June 9, 1916 and died in 1998, you can write a comment and we will get in touch.

Next time, Sandy shares another precious picture with us.

Pure pleasure…