Sometimes you never know what is going to hit you…

Sometimes you never know what is going to hit you when you post a message on a genealogy forum.

That was the case in Alyce’s case back in 2000 when she posted a message on Ancestry.

Ten years later, she had all the information she needed to find all about her roots and she found some of her ancestors here in Quebec.

Two weeks ago, this happened to someone else whose roots bring her to French Canada.

This person was searching for her roots and she replied to a message I had left on Ancestry forum back in May 2010…

If you live in Massachusetts and you are looking for your roots…

I know a lot about André Mignier the ancestor of all the Lagasses, Lagacés, LaGasses namely Adolph Lagasse and Idala LaGasse who lived in Massachusetts

And the best part of it…

It’s free.

Now that was a catchy message to say the least…

Someone replied to my message…

I will use part of it.

I am researching my family tree, and am quite stuck.

I’ll break it down for you:

My mother: Elaine

Her mother: Florence

Florence’s father: Leon Lagasse (born Jan. 1898, in Massachusetts…Haverhill I believe, died Jan 1975)
Leon’s father: Felix Lagasse

Now here’s what I know about Felix:

Felix Lagasse was born in ‘French Canada’, about 1 November 1862, give or take a few years. He was naturalized in the U.S. on 2 December 1897. His middle name starts with either A or G. He was a shoemaker. His wife was Ellen J. (maiden name unknown). They were married about 1884.

The 1920 U.S. Census lists the children of Felix and Ellen: Eva; Leon; Irene; Lenore and Oscar. At that time, their home address was 93 Hanover St. in Lynn, MA. The interesting thing is my great grandmother Doris Lagasse (nee McNally) lived just next door at 91 Hanover.

At any rate, please let me know what you find out.


I answered her right back but perhaps I did scare her a little with all the information I had found on her Lagacé ancestors…

You see, sometimes you want to help people and they don’t know what hit them, and you scare them a little.

This happened to me many times since 2007…

Too passionate about genealogy I guess.

Anyways, the good part of it is that this person is now unstuck and knows all about her deep-rooted roots in French Canada.

Speaking of roots, here is someone I also help a little.

Ron knew a lot about his ancestors but he wanted to know more.

We always want to know more, and the more we know, the more we want to know…

Luckily for Ron, I did not scare him off.

He even came to visit me in Sainte-Anne-des-Plaines.

Ron Depatie meets Pierre Lagacé