Meet Ron Rotureau

I have met so many wonderful people since 2007.

I would like you to meet a very dear friend a mine…

Bert and Ernie…

His name is Ron Depatie.

I had never met the guy before last Saturday. We had only exchanged a lot of e-mails in the last two weeks or so.

If you are confused about all this, then you have to read the first articles where I introduced Ron Depatie to the cyberworld.

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This is a picture of Ron Depatie.

He sent it to me two weeks ago.

Have bulldozer, will travel…

Ron Depatie seemed to be a very nice guy at the time, and I never argue with a guy driving a bulldozer.

Ron moves earth around for a business.

However I think this guy has been also digging a lot to find his own roots just like I did back in 2007.

Ron has been at it since 2003.

You see Ron had found out that his ancestors had lived in Sainte-Anne-des-Plaines back in the 1880s precisely when this house was built and still exists now.

Maison Chaumont built in 1884

Ron Depatie had written to me because he thought that one of his ancestors had built the Chaumont house. Mind you Ron does not brag about it. It only makes him proud.

So what’s that all about?

At first, Ron and I thought there were only two Toussaints in the picture…

Dead wrong!

There’s a third one and this one is probably the real builder of the house.

Well sort of because all of this is just presumption as they say in genealogy, and also is a question of terminology.

See you next Wednesday with…

Will the real Toussaint Bélisle finally stand up?

Meantime, if you need some little landscaping done around the house, here’s Ron’s business card.

La crème de la crème… in landscaping

Just say Pierre Lagacé sent you.

Now if you are asking yourself… Why is he calling that guy Ron Rotureau?

That’s a good question… and you’ll get the answer along the way.