The mysterious Dennis Lagasse

The Dennis Lagasse saga is still going on… with Sandy’s help.

Sandy had been searching for her roots since 1985.

Genealogy can become quite obsessive you know.

I have been at it only since 2007 and I hardly can control myself.

I was also searching for this Dennis Lagasse when I stumbled on that name in the 1900 U.S. Census.

Dennis was living in Bristol, Connecticut, with Harriet Lagasse and their sons Adlore and Leo. Dennis’ real given name was Stanislas. He had married Henriette Alexandre in 1862 in Notre-Dame-de-Stanbridge.

Everything made sense.

Even Eugène Dubé and his wife Lily Lagacé (Stanislas’ daughter) were neighbors.

I have never met my great-grandfather of course, but I wish I did.

Dennis probably died in 1929 before the Great Depression.

Sandy is working very very hard to help me find when he died…

She has been looking into the Bristol directories. She has not found him after 1929.

Sandy sent me this picture last week… She did not know who these people were.


This picture came from Julian Wilfred Lagasse’s collection.

Julian Wilfred Lagasse

It took me just a few seconds to recognize the man with the little boy. Sandy told me it was a boy by the way his hair were parted.

I used this picture Carol sent me last month because I thought I had recognize someone.

I had identified these people in that picture for Carol.

This is a close-up of Harry Lagasse born in 1887. I know all about him now.

When Harry met Anna…

Harry’s father is Dennis Lagasse born in 1864. Dennis is the son of Dennis Lagasse who is my great-grandfather born in 1842.

 So the old man on the left must be my great-grandfather Dennis.

Stanislas Lagacé 1842-1927

What can I say to show my appreciation to Carol and Sandy?