Who built la Maison Chaumont?

Now that’s a valid question?

But what’s la Maison Chaumont anyway?

Another valid question.

This is la Maison Chaumont…

I took this picture last year when I did a little sightseeing in my hometown of Sainte-Anne-des-Plaines.

You see this house is an historic place as recognized as such by the Quebec government.

Once a small museum, the former town administration emptied it of its furniture and leased it for $200 a  month to le Cercle des Fermières.

The reason given was that it was unoccupied… Go figure.

So what’s the reason to talk about this house anyway?

One of the relatives of the man who built this house sent me a comment.

He said he was related to the man who built this house.

Which brings us back to our first question… Who built la Maison Chaumont?

If you want to know, then come back next Wednesday.

This is going to be quite an interesting story.