Now that was a good move…

I moved from My Heritage to Ancestry, and boy what is a good move on my part.

This is how I met my cousin Sandy who is as passionate as I am about genealogy. She is also passionate about old photographs.

She started getting interested with genealogy in 1985.

I only started in 2007.

Sandy told me how she started…

I just talked to my cousin Andre Lagasse he is 80 years old and very much with the program.

He helped me in 1985 to get started. That was when there was no computer with information. I had to do everything the old fashion way. Go to where they lived  and ask family. Now it is easier. I told my cousin about our Stanislas Lagasse. He was so happy to get more information on him through you and Alyce.

I am seeing him this weekend and show him some new things I found from you in the 1880 Census Vermont.
He is excited to know more. He loves it too. All though he does not own a computer he loves history.

Sandy has a lot of pictures of the Lagasse family.

This is one of the most interesting…


This is Mathilde Leblanc, she is Pierre Lagasse’s first wife.

She was born in 1848.

Click to zoom in

Mathilde died in 1884.

This is another picture of Mathilde or Domithilde.

We see both given names.

Mathilde had 10 children.

Sandy told me all about them… and I will tell you all about them also in future articles.

Sandy left me this comment on Mathilde’s page on my Ancestry website page…

Born: April 1, 1848 Stanbridge, Canada

Death: June 2, 1884 Winooski, Vermont

Died five days after the birth of her last child.

Child died July 23, 1884

Born: May 28, 1884

I knew the names of Mathilde Leblanc and Pierre Lagacé, but I had no pictures of them or their descendants and knew nothing about them.

Now I have lots of pictures thanks to Sandy who preserved them.

Next time, I will show you a picture of Pierre Lagasse who is my great-grandfather’s brother, the mysterious Dennis Lagasse.