Meet Florence Lagasse

You have met David Lagasse, Alyce’s father, then David’s brother Samuel Lagasse.

Then we tried to find information about George Lagasse and Rudy Lagasse. The family lost track of George but kept close ties with Rudy…

First row: Anthony Lagasse, his wife, and his sister Rose Alice Lagasse

Second row: Rudy Lagasse (U.S. Army) and Eugene Moreau (Rose Alice’s husband)

Now it’s time to meet Florence Lagasse…

He is David Lagasse’s other sister.

Florence Lagasse 1934

I found someone who had put her genealogy file on his or her My Heritage site.

I wrote a message to that person last week.

Sometimes you send someone an e-mail and they don’t reply.

Someone sent an e-mail to Alyce.

He was looking for his mother whose name what Alice Lagasse.

Alyce is not that Alice.

Alyce asked me to lend a helping hand to Michael.

I did just that while I was waiting for someone to reply to my e-mail about Florence.

The rest of this story is too amazing.

Come back next Monday.