Pictures, pictures and more pictures…

Try this one for a starter…

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Alyce says this is Idala’s farm house in 1921.

Alyce knew little about who was in the picture so we will play History Detectives…

Alyce said his father is in this picture.

This is David.

David LaGasse

We must assume David is with his brothers.

Since David was born on May 26, 1906, we can date the picture at around 1926-1927.

We know that Diodore is the first son. Diodore was born in 1898.

This would be Diodore. He seems to be the eldest one.

Diodore LaGasse

What about the other brothers…? I know that there is Anthony, Samuel and Rudy.

This is where I would need the help of the man in Nashville.

I have sent him two e-mails and I have not received any reply.

I am a very patient person, and since Alyce has kept on sending me more pictures and documents about her father, I can wait.

Alyce has been searching hard… and sharing a lot

Alyce has been waiting for ten years to learn more about her father. Now it is her turn to help me in my search for André Mignier’s descendants.

Alyce went on the trail of other descendants of Idala Lagacé. She sent me an e-mail. She thinks she has found another descendant living in Nashville.

This is going to be fun… if he replies to my e-mail.

Speaking of fun… I have a lot of fun with Alyce’s pictures…

This one tells it all about her father…

This picture was taken in October 1935.

There is always a sad side to a beautiful story.


Band of Brothers…

Alyce who lives in Wonderland, U.S.A., sent me this picture…

Click on the picture to zoom in.

His father is photographed with his brothers.

David is the young man on the left in the second row.

Here is what I had in my genealogy data files one year ago. At that time I knew nothing about Alyce in Wonderland.

Idala Lagacé had these children:

Rose (1894)
Parmelia (1895)
Diodore (1898)
Anthony (1902)
Samuel (1903)
Florence (1905)
David (1906)

Alyce gave me this supplementary info about Idala’s children…

Anthony’s son is Randolph (Randy).  I think his wife is Mary and they lived in Nashville…
Rudy  – Rudy’s sons are Richard and Russell.    We think they live in New Jersey
Cecilia (dec. )

Come back tomorrow for more…

Alyce is getting addicted to genealogy.

I should have warned her. There is no cure…


Alyce, Sweet Alyce

This is no horror story…

In fact I don’t like watching horror movies.

“Sweet Alice” reminded of something so I checked on the Internet just to be sure.

You find a lot of things on the Internet… like my blog on genealogy.

By the way, if you are Tammy Middleton, I know you have been searching also for your children’s roots just like Sweet Alyce did.

Alyce has won the jackpot and she won big.

In my search for descendants of Pierre Lagacé and Marcelline David, Tammy and Alyce were the only two persons to ask for help in finding their roots.

Alyce is the granddaughter of Idala Lagacé who goes also by the name of Idala Lagassé.

Both Idala and Ambroise are Pierre Lagacé’s sons. Idala is Alyce’s grandfather and Ambroise is Tammy’s children’s great-great-grandfather.

Pierre Lagacé married Marcelline David on February 4, 1850 in Notre-Dame-des-Anges church in Notre-Dame-de-Stanbridge, a village in Missisquoi county just north of Lake Champlain.


I knew all about him with the help of parish records and censuses.

1871 Canadian Census

Name: Idola Lagassé
Gender: Male
Age in years: 1
Estimated birth year: 1870
Birthplace: Quebec
Marital status:
Origin (Ancestry): Francaise
Religion: Catholique
Census place: 02, Stanbridge i, Missisquoi 125, Quebec

1901 Canadian Census


Lagossi Idala     M Head          M  Mar 1     1870     31
Lagossi Albina     F Wife          M  Mar 24     1872     29
Lagossi Rose     F Daughter    S  Jan 1     1894     7
Lagossi Parmilias     F Daughter    S  Dec 3     1894     6

1920 U.S. Census

Name: Idala A Lagasse
Residence: Part Of Precinct 9 New Bedford Part Of Ward 3, Bristol, Massachusetts
Estimated birth year: 1871
Age in years: 49
Birthplace: Canada
Relationship to head-of-household: Self
Gender: Male
Race or color (on document): White
Marital status: Widowed

Alyce told me she had a picture of Idala with his sons.

I just can’t wait to see how he looks.