The whole picture

Alyce LaGasse and Pierre Lagacé did not know each other last April.

Pierre Lagacé in 2009

Pierre Lagacé in 2011

Alyce LaGasse

Now they know all there is to know about Idala LaGasse’s ancestors and his descendants…

Idala Lagasse

Well most of them.

Alyce and Pierre know that they are not close relatives of Emeril Lagasse.

Emeril Lagasse

They have put a lot of effort in their search for Idala’s sons since last April.

With Alyce’s help, Pierre has finally found the identity of all of Idala’s sons.

There is no Marc LaGasse after all, unless Anthony was also know as Marc Anthony or Anthony Marc.

In our search for Marc or Anthony, we have finally found George Lagasse.

This picture was taken around 1926-1927.

George is on the left. He wears glasses.

Idala Lagasse and Albina Quintin were married in 1890 and had 15 children:

Idala (1890-1891)

Joseph (1891-1892)

Regina (1892-1892)

Rose (1894-1974)

Parmelia (1894-1903)

No given name  (1895) died at birth

Diodore (1898-1898)

Hector (1900-1900)

Anthony (1901-2005)

Samuel (1902-1974)

Florence (1904-?)

David (1906-1953)

George (1908- 1985)

Rudolph (1909- 1980) Rudy

Cecile Beatrice (1913-1915)

Albina died in 1914 at the age of 42.

This is her death certificate.

She died in St. Luke’s Hospital. The cause of her death is general septicemia following phlebitis of both femoral veins.

The Lagasse family must have been devastated.

Alyce’s father was 8 years old at the time. He was old enough to understand what was happening.

Idala had six children to care for.

His daughter Rose was already married to Eugène Moreau. They got married in 1912.

Alyce told Pierre that the children were put in an orphanage and she had precious documents to prove it.

June 13, 1918

March 20, 1919

George was also put in an orphanage…

Alyce said the family lost track of him.

This is the reason why George is not in this picture…

Rudy, Samuel, Idala, Anthony and David

But Alyce found George with the help of another Pierre…

Next Monday, we meet George with the help of Peter Lagasse.