Samuel’s little girl called me…

Alyce made contact with one of Samuel’s daughter.

This is what I sent Alyce so she could send it to her.

Alyce found the two daughters of Samuel Jean-Baptiste Jacques Lagasse and Marie-Anne Lepage. Marie-Anne’s ancestors were from Rimouski, Quebec. Dolores died in 2003 but Claudette is still alive.

Claudette phoned me from Florida and we talked for 58 minutes about her parents and her family. As Alyce, Claudette knew very little about Idala LaGasse but what she knew she shared with me. She told me she had some pictures and that I should contact one of her sons because she is not that good with computers.

I told her I was going to send her son Alyce’s pictures so she could have them. This is such an amazing story with two amazing third cousins finding another cousin.

We talked a little about Emeril Lagasse. I told her he was only our 8th cousin and that we were closer. After a 58 minute conversation, Claudette and I were closer than ever.

Next monday, the whole picture…