Pictures, pictures and more pictures…

Try this one for a starter…

Click on the image to zoom in.


Alyce says this is Idala’s farm house in 1921.

Alyce knew little about who was in the picture so we will play History Detectives…

Alyce said his father is in this picture.

This is David.

David LaGasse

We must assume David is with his brothers.

Since David was born on May 26, 1906, we can date the picture at around 1926-1927.

We know that Diodore is the first son. Diodore was born in 1898.

This would be Diodore. He seems to be the eldest one.

Diodore LaGasse

What about the other brothers…? I know that there is Anthony, Samuel and Rudy.

This is where I would need the help of the man in Nashville.

I have sent him two e-mails and I have not received any reply.

I am a very patient person, and since Alyce has kept on sending me more pictures and documents about her father, I can wait.

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