Band of Brothers…

Alyce who lives in Wonderland, U.S.A., sent me this picture…

Click on the picture to zoom in.

His father is photographed with his brothers.

David is the young man on the left in the second row.

Here is what I had in my genealogy data files one year ago. At that time I knew nothing about Alyce in Wonderland.

Idala Lagacé had these children:

Rose (1894)
Parmelia (1895)
Diodore (1898)
Anthony (1902)
Samuel (1903)
Florence (1905)
David (1906)

Alyce gave me this supplementary info about Idala’s children…

Anthony’s son is Randolph (Randy).  I think his wife is Mary and they lived in Nashville…
Rudy  – Rudy’s sons are Richard and Russell.    We think they live in New Jersey
Cecilia (dec. )

Come back tomorrow for more…

Alyce is getting addicted to genealogy.

I should have warned her. There is no cure…


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