Alyce in Wonderland

Alyce knew very little about her father’s roots.

David LaGasse 1935

57 years later, Alyce is now in Wonderland because she found her 3rd cousin Pierre who had her father’s file in his genealogy data bank.

Pierre is just amazing.

This is what Alyce told him.

Alyce does not know that three years ago Pierre was the one who knew very little about his father’s ancestors.

Not that his father had died at an early age like Alyce’s father. Léo Lagacé Junior had lived to be 69, but he had never talked that much about his parents Léo Senior and Juliette Métayer.

Léo’s parents

What Léo had told his son was sometimes confusing for little Pierre.

Pierre’s father died on August 27, 1995.

Strangely, he did not want to see his children before he died. He wanted to die alone. The doctor and the chaplain tried to convince him but to no avail. When his former girlfriend told him she was going to call his children anyway, he showed her his fist…

This is what Pierre was told when he came to the hospital in the afternoon to see his dying father.

Around 11 p.m., when his father was just about this leave this Earth to meet saint Pierre, he turned his head towards Pierre and looked at him.

Léo was blind because of his diabetes.

Pierre never knew if his father was still mad at him or not.

14 years later, Pierre’s sister, while visiting him, told Pierre that when she first arrived at the hospital on August 27, she told her father that his son Pierre was coming to see him.

With these words his father let out a sigh of relief.

Pierre’s sister thought she had told him that on the fateful day…

Sometimes it takes time to find things out.

Next time, Alyce will find out about her father’s roots.

3 thoughts on “Alyce in Wonderland

  1. Great story. It’s a bummer when our parents don’t talk about their life or family. My father’s family was like that. They had so many rifts and wouldn’t talk about their growing up years and their parents or cousins. Therefore, the later generations lose all of their heritage information be it bad or good. It just would be so great to know. My mom’s family is exact opposite. My grandmother is still living and tells lots of stories. That makes me happy. Alyce was very blessed to find your help!

    • Take notes about your grandmother’s stories and about her ancestors. It might be useful down the line for one of your descendants.

      • Absolutely! I have written a lot down and she has recorded a tape of all her memories. I want to do more on her story before she’s gone. She’s 99.

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