Remember Doris?

If Mike found something on Father Chaumont it is because Doris found me first on the Internet last year.

The story is all here. Click here for the first article on this blog…

Doris went to Louisiana on April 2nd. She had been invited by Narcisse Chaumont’s descendants.

This is no April Fool’s day.

She sent me a lot of pictures some of which were about crawfish!

I am not that much crazy about eating crawfish.

I made a pact with them. I don’t eat them and they don’t eat me.

Doris also sent me a picture of a baby alligator…

Cute as a button…

I still prefer cats though.

But among the pictures she sent me, there is one I like the most.

Cute as buttons…

It is Alice.

Doris told me Alice was 90 years-old and she was still driving her car.

She also speaks French.

Oo… La… La…

Alice is Narcisse Chaumont’s great-granddaughter.

To learn more about Narcisse Chaumont click here.

Small world isn’t.

But there is much much more… to Narcisse Chaumont born in Sainte-Anne-des-Plaines on April 18, 1815.

Come back next time.

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