Joe from California…

It is worth the effort writing this English version of my French blog on genealogy.

Joe sent me an e-mail after I sent him a message on the My Heritage Website.

I told him I had a picture of Appolline Poissant.

Joe is related to Appolline Poissant the wife of Georges Landry. I sent him what pictures I had.

I posted several articles about the Landry family.

My grandfather was first married to Maria Landry, Georges’ granddaughter, before my grandfather disappeared in the 1920’s.

I always taught Maria had died and that my grandfather, heartbroken, had left for Montreal and remarried in 1926.

The story was quite different and I posted it on this blog.

3 thoughts on “Joe from California…

  1. It is worth it- and generous of you – to post some information in English not only because it helps English-speaking Americans to reconnect with their French Canadian or Acadian ancestry, but also because there are many others using English as their second language. It’s rewarding to think that people in the Far East and at other locations are reading our blogs!

    Keep up the good work!

    Evelyn in Montreal

  2. One day, Tammy Middleton or one of Adolphe Lagasse’s descendants will find my articles and they will send me an e-mail…

    This will be my reward.

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