Marcelline David is perhaps your ancestor…

Marcelline David was Pierre Lagacé’s wife.

She was also Adolphe Lagasse’s mother.

She also had these children:



Marie-Anne Émilie








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She is certainly the ancestor of many Lagasses living in the U.S.

One of them is Alyce LaGasse.

I know that Ambroise Lagasse also went to the States and lived there.

I will post an article on him one day.

While searching for Lagasses, I found this…

This is Marcelline David’s death certificate on the Mormons’ site.

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It says Davies… but it is David.You can trust me on that.

She died of a heart disease.

Her son Adolph Lagasse was the undertaker.

Her father was Hubert David and her mother was Josephte Séguin.

Hubert David married Josephte Séguin in 1815. That’s quite a way back.

Tomorrow… Why is this crazy canuck doing all this…?

Alyce LaGasse

I am still searching for distant relatives…

This is what I found on a forum on the Ancestry site.

It is dated 21 July 2000!


Alyce LaGasse

Posted: 21 Jul 2000 11:19PM

I have no idea where to begin!

My father was David Joseph LaGasse, born May 24, 1906 in New Bedford, MA. I believe that he had six brothers, amoung them were Marc, Sam, maybe a sister Rose Alice… his father was Idala LaGasse. I have never met anyone on that side. My, what a gift to know if there are relatives!

Thank you so much for any information.

Well Alyce, this is it.

Almost ten years later, a distant relative can answer all of your questions about your family tree…

Write me a comment.


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Blanche Lagasse

I will talk about Idola Lagasse tomorrow because I found this on Ancestry

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I am looking for ancestors of Louis Robitaille (b. 1902?), husband to Marie Blanche Lagasse (b. 1904?), and father of Edward Robitaille (b. 1922?) and Marie Delores Robitaille (b. 1924).

All four were born in Massachusetts.

According to Census, Louis’ parents were both born in French Canada. In 1920, he was a lodger at a boarding house in New Bedford, MA.

His soon to be wife was the daughter of Frobe Lagasse and Valida M. Forand, the operators of the boarding house.

I have no information on Louis’ parents or family and would like to trace them to Canada.

The problem is that I have no e-mail to tell this person about Frobe Lagasse.

This is Blanche’s file.

Tomorrow I will tell you about Alyce LaGasse… she is searching for her Lagacés ancestors.

Frobe Lagasse 1875-1915

This is the file of Frobe Lagasse.

Frobe is a second cousin.

His grandfather was Pierre Lagacé who was my great-great-grandfather’s brother.

Few people know his genealogy but I do.

Having found all my Lagacé’s ancestors, I am now looking for distant relatives.

Frobe married Valéda Forand in 1897. They had at least two children: Joseph Norman Lagasse and Blanche Lagasse.

There are two people who also have Frobe Lagasse in their data banks.

The problem is that they say that Frobe Lagasse died in 1964.

Frobe died in 1915 and this is his death certificate.

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Here are some information about Norman Lagasse.

He was born in January 1899 in New Bedford, Massachusetts.

Blanche was born around 1905.

In the 1920 U.S. Census, Valéda and Blanche are living together. I had found no traces of Norman.

There might not be any descendants of Frobe Lagasse who was the son of Adolphe Lagasse an undertaker in Massachusetts around 1909.

Next time, I will tell you about Idala Lagasse another son of Pierre Lagacé and Marcelline David. He also has descendants in the States.



George Lagasse Undertaker… in Massachusetts in 1909

As I told you before I found a lot of ancestors and descendants of the Lagacé family. Some Lagacés went to the United States and changed their name to Lagasse. Most were the descendants of Pierre Lagacé and Marcelline David. Who was Pierre Lagacé?

He was the son of Antoine Mignier dit Lagacé and Ursule Cordeau dit Deslauriers. Pierre Lagacé and Marcelline David had a lot of children:




Marie-Anne Émilie








Maybe more because at that time women were expected by the Church to bear a child every year!

I will start with Adolphe whom I never met of course.

I know he was born on March 14, 1851 in Notre-Dame-de-Standbridge, Missiquoi, Québec, Canada. He was christened at in Notre-Dame-des-Anges church. Adolphe married Mélanie Berthiaume on August 22, 1873 in Bedford, Missisquoi, Québec, Canada. They were married in St-Damien church.

They found at least four children :

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I had already found Frobe and Alice.

Frobe married Valéda Forand and Alice married Olivier Caron. This information was found on the Internet quite a long time ago during my research on my ancestors.

But I found Eva and George only this morning on the Mormons’ site. Eva married Rodolphe Le Clair and George married Élizabeth Roy. George is listed as being an undertaker.

The Mormons’ site has the images of the Massachusetts marriages and we can find a lot of information. While I was adding these new files on my Heritage site, I found a match. Bob LaGasse has the same people. I wrote him several times but he never replied to my messages. Maybe someday he will read this blog and figure out who this Pierre Lagacé amateur genealogist is.

On the other hand, it would be great if you found your ancestors as you are reading this…

Next time I will talk about Frobe Lagasse.

Sometimes Only One Clue Is Enough

With that one clue,

I searched in data banks for the marriage of a Léo Lagacé.

What I found was his first marriage.

That was quite a shock.

My grandfather was married in 1912 and I believe no one knew about it at the time. With this info I had his parents’ names: Henriette Alexandre and Stanislas Lagacé.

Someone sent the image of the marriage taken from the parish register of Saint-Hyacinthe-le-Confesseur.

There I found out that my great-grandfather was still living but that my great-grandmother was dead. Stanislas was a contractor living in Bristol, Connecticut, and he did not attend Léo’s marriage.

I found who were the parents of Stanislas Lagacé and Henriette Alexandre by using data banks.

I could then link Stanislas Lagacé with the first Lagacé: André Mignier.

See you.

Sharing… That’s What It’s all About

If I found the missing link it’s because someone sent me an e-mail.

He had this document…

The name was right so was the birthdate and the date of my grandfather’s death.

I also had his obituary card in my files.


My grandfather was not someone who talked a lot, but I manage to find his first mariage in 1912 because I had his mother’s name on his death certificate:  H. Alexandre.

mariage leo et maria 1912

1912 marriage 2

She was Henriette Alexandre, daughter of David Alexandre and Marguerite Marchand.

But I could not find his second marriage, and you know why because Antonio Landry told us Léo disappeared in the 1920s after his father Omer chased him out of the house. They lost track of him…

Almost 90 years later a descendant shows up in Acton Vale.

To be continued…