Idola or Idala Lagacé or Lagasse

If you are not familiar with the Lagacé family, then you must be asking yourself…

What is that crazy canuck talking about?

All the Lagacés are descendants of André Mignier, a French soldier sent by King Louis XIV to protect the Nouvelle-France against the Iroquois.

No… I’m not André Mignier, I’m King Louis XIV

A soldier of the régiment Carignan Salières

Of course André Mignier was not alone to protect la Nouvelle-France… He was part of the régiment Carignan Salières.

After peace was restored in la Nouvelle-France, André stayed here and married une du Fille du Roy. Her name was Jacquette Michel. Jacquette in English is nightgown sort of…

They lived happily ever after and they left numerous descendants.

André Mignier died in Rivière-Ouelle a village in Québec.

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One branch of the Lagacé family almost never saw the light of day.

One of André’s descendants, my ancestor Antoine Nicolas Lagacé dit Mignier, had 10 children with his wife Marie-Josephte Corbin dit Lacroix, but only two survived: Antoine and Angèle.

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Angèle Lagacé married Joseph Chouinard and Antoine married Ursule Cordeau dit Deslauriers.

Antoine and Ursule had six children. Three boys and three girls:

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Stanislas is my great-great-grandfather while his brother Pierre Lagacé is the one who married Marcelline David.

Pierre and Marcelline are the parents of Idola or Idala Lagacé… Lagasse, Alyce LaGasse’s ancestor…

I do hope Alyce is still alive and well because I am doing all this for her.


Merry Christmas to all specially to my dear friends James in Memphis and Jim in Manitoba and also all the Lagasse… LaGasse… Lagace… in the U.S.